Wednesday, August 3, 2011

twins tonight, after the feathers last night


two of four fawns following two does



So YOU say "two fawns" following two does, I do see one vanishing and one leaping marvelously ... but that is all. I am reminded of the "African savannnah" that you come on as you descend, very gradually there, the south side of the Sacramentoes in New Mexico; onto a stretch of roughly 50 by fifty miles that is nearly entirely flat, and quartered into four farmsteads, which can be ascertained by the bosque of trees that protect the farmstead, and of course the inevitable metal wind mill and its metal blades that draws the all important liquid from the acquifer into a water tower.
On that huge savannah I used to see small herds of antelopes, pronghorns
having a very good time gamboling about
and it made me feel as though i was suddenly in Africa.

Scott Abbott said...

the does and the other two fawns have already disappeared behind the oak brush.

and the light was fading so the camera took a while to gather enough light, which explains the fuzziness of the photo.

but what beautiful little fellows.

* said...

gamboling is an excellent word :)

Scott Abbott said...

gamboling, indeed.

i also like the word "stotting," which means that jumping running mule deer do that sounds like "thump, thump, thump" instead of four independent legs.