Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peter Handke's "Immer noch Sturm"

This morning I finished reading Peter Handke's "Immer noch Sturm" (Still Storm), a play that premiered last night in Salzburg.

Three young bucks browsed through the yard as I read, feeling like players in the play that left me shaking my head:

What is this about? I can scarcely think the words I read in the same context as this photo from the performance. Long paragraphs and long sentences that never evoked this scene in my unimaginative brain.

How could what I read possibly be played on stage? I'm too much a reader of prose and too little of plays.

I need to reread and think this through. And that's exactly what I'm planning, with Handke translator Michael Roloff. The discussion will take place here:

Wish us luck. Join in the discussion.

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Well we are off and running, posted our initial compendium around 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time. If you can't read this play which give you each and every stage directions as part of the text! May your deer regain their sense of reality! xx michael r.