Friday, August 19, 2011

Still Storm

looking toward Nevada last night: before the storm

A quiet evening. Gathering clouds.

During the night, well after midnight, lightning flashes. Long seconds later, thunder more magnificent than the lightning, long rolling deep sonorous bass grumblings.

Toward morning rain, precious desert rain.

Lightning flashes and quickly now, thunder again, glorious Wagnerian booming (made me, to quote Woody Allen, want to invade Poland).

looking toward Nevada this morning: still storm
And this morning, still storm.

The discussion of Peter Handke's play Still Storm / Immer noch Sturm is ongoing here:

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* said...

i'm giving the handke discussion a miss, somehow never read much of his plays anyway...not even sure why.

Scott Abbott said...

we'll miss your comments.

* said...

i don't think i would be able to contribute much, but might join next time round when you're doing a novel...
nice cloudpics.