Friday, July 20, 2012

Vampires & A Reasonable Dictionary

Today I have begun work on an English edition of Zarko's and my book.

This is what the cover looks like in the Serbian version. The artwork by is by Nina Pops.

Skot is a transliteration of my name. It means vermin in Serbo-Croatian (still one language in my mind and heart).

Reading through the translation of Zarko's half I'm reminded of the radical subtlety of his narration, of the intense attention to psychological processes, of a profound phenomenology.

What a pleasure this will be, finally, to have the book available in English.

Perhaps we'll use the same drawing by Nina Pops, called Vampiri VI, for the new cover:


Ben said...

I am beyond excited at this prospect.

Scott Abbott said...

That makes me happy, unless, of course, you're putting me on!

Ben said...

Why would I do that? I've been desperate to have the whole thing in book form since you generously shared your part with me during our class. In fact, I'm so excited that I broke my self-imposed rule of simply observing your blog quietly, like you with the animals you photograph, for fear that announcing my presence would in any way corrupt its beauty. So, I'm not here - carry on. Oh, and if I've not said it enough before, thanks Scott.

Scott Abbott said...

okay, just making sure. it may be a while yet; but i'm getting there. and it's good to know we'll have at least one reader!