Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and then there was (light) rain

an hour after this photo the storm moved over us and for 2-3 minutes rained and hailed "to beat the band"! discrete events, these thunderstorms. but the scents they throw up are shocking, sharp, and pungent.


* said...

the landscape was like a thought which, at regular intervals, came back, something he suddenly remembered and just as suddenly forgot again. now he sees it. but just as the landscape reveals itself to him its as if it also recedes.
knausgaard angel one p46

Scott Abbott said...

so, i'm looking for standing and you're finding landscape. what's your landscape project?

* said...
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* said...

i deleted this because it is still a bit of a secret, but now you know.

after all your picture is landsacpe and not standing, except for standing light maybe?

Scott Abbott said...

i sit on that deck and look out over the valley to the west and north and up at the mountain to the east and south. then the music of the crickets rises, and perhaps the calls of a pheasant. then a breeze, and the light changes and there's a whiff of a skunk. . . . the landscape is an auralscape and a scentscape and i'm in it and it's in me.

that's why all the photos. and i'll look forward to your own project.