Monday, July 16, 2012


A couple of visitors this morning. They liked the sunflowers. The netting around the Douglas Fir is meant specifically for them—a couple of months from now they'll be looking for something to rub the velvet off their antlers.



What a nice and innocent looking Mulie! So the netting is preferred to rubbing aainst tree trunks? What a considerate keeper you! What else do you do for them, may I ask? And it looks as though there is more moisture coming your way courtesy of a Tormento Tropical, Hurricane Fabian that has worked its way up all along the Pacific Coat of the Baha and is starting the high over flow via San Diego already. x m.r

Scott Abbott said...

i obviously phrased that badly. the netting is for them only insofar as it will keep them from the fir needles which they love so much that they would destroy all the lower branches if allowed to do so.

we do put out water for them daily, and sometimes old apples. and, of course, there's our smorgasbord of native grasses and flowers.