Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks + Rain(drops)

Fourth of July in Utah Valley.

First rain(drops) since sometime in May.

Following the first drops, a light, steady rain.

And the scents arising from the sage and grasses and oak brush are powerful and provocative.

I realize, during this shift from harsh, hot light to soft grey-green light, that for a month my interior has been exposed and anxiously arrayed on a brittle surface. Today, after only an hour of rain, those sensibilities have been turned inward again, entering back into the dark interior with the scents penetrating my skin.


* said...

looks like the tropic rainforest now. your landscape is so veraenderlich. it must be a real shock to the system after so much sun,
it's certainly sensible to cut down some of those trees when theyare so suceptible to fire...but sad too that they have to be stunted.
i meant to ask you something, i need to write something on landscape and since you're doing that barbed wire thing, might you be able to look up in your beautiful brain whether you know a book (somethign on the relation between landscape and literature?) about this?

Scott Abbott said...

still revelling in the humidity and scents.

you may already know the book, but if not, Simon Schama's "Landscape and Memory" is one of my favorites. chapter 8, for instance, is called "Vertical Empires, Cerebral Chasms" and is about mountains and gothic literature. He cites the classic "Mountain Gloom, Mountain Glory" by Marjorie Nicolson and Jacek Wozniakowski's "Die Wildnis: Zur Deutungsgeschichte des Berges in der europaeischen Neuzeit."

* said...

good for you. hope it rains a little more so the firedanger stays away.

thank you for the recommendations, in fact i don't know the schama one. heard about it but not read. that will keep me busy for a while. it's for a nice project that will be revaled soon.