Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wildflowers #19

evening primrose, Oenethera ? ? ?, likely non-native

but sure pretty now as the heat comes on and spring flowers are almost gone

goat's beard


* said...

is good to see the flowers
what will you do in winter then, taking photos of snowflakes? and then to make a comparative study of their shape and how it corresponds to the shape of flowers when photographed from above?

what is your favourite book of saul bellow? just reading his letters which is more or less my first encounter with his writing and like it a lot.

Scott Abbott said...

winter flowers will be a problem. i'll have to think about it.

i do like snow and sun and shadows.

i read all of saul bellow at one point. one of my favorites is herzog.

as bellow aged he took some (for my taste) unsavory positions in the culture wars; but i still like much of his fiction.

finally, hope your language crisis ferments and produces, in the end, something good.

* said...

i like in winter that it shows the structures of flowers, the more geometric aspects of them, of the wilting.... it's nice to photograph too.

heard about that, bellow being problematic because of some of his positions and so on & proceed with caution. but so far i like it from what little i know.

i dont know about the language crisis, have toobserve the fermenting for a while, if there is any fermenting, that is...