Thursday, June 21, 2012


Long day, short night, summer's here!

evening on the 20th

evening on the 20th

morning on the 21st


* said...

you're not sleeping a lot when you take pictures like that. congratulations on having actual summer, and not rain straight sans cesse since april.
whats your favourite heinrich boell one? i got all sentimental and digged him out again.
finsihed the bellow letters and can see what you say about him having some wierd ideas about things, but he still is a nice writer.

Scott Abbott said...

rain since april would depress the hell out of me.

but we've had no rain in june, which makes fire a threat.

i read all of boell's work at one point. i think my favorites are billiard um halb zehn and, perhaps, gruppenbild mit dame.

which are your favorites?

and i too very much like bellow's writing. my preference has move on from him and malamud to philip roth, whose work i love.

* said...

yah depresses me too.
13 degrees today scott and pissing down, almost july and you go out in your wintercoat for shopping. the rain made a lot of me flowers go down the toilet. fire danger is scary too. somehwere in the middle would be perfect.

my favourite is haus ohne hueter, and somehow i like them all. i have not read them all but almost. it;s just the soul of him that hoovers through it all which i like. i like him much more than grass. boell and handke, these were the first grown up books i read, so, deeply influential & really fond of him.

now we are at it authors with b. what do you think of hans bender? i am reading a study comparing him with handke while enjoying my winterstout.

Scott Abbott said...

winter stout!???
it's time for a light koelsch!
or cerveza -- we've got coronas in the refrigerator
although i like boell, my taste is rather for grass.
as for hans bender, i know absolutely nothing of his. do you like him?

* said...

hans bender, not decided yet but worth keeping an eye on

yes winterstout, fucking cold here. you're a lucky man with your light beer and deer and proper seasons.

[had commented few min earlier but my internet messed me about so if one comment is double, delete as appropriate]