Friday, June 29, 2012

WILDFIRE! + EVACUATION + Morning Visitors

Shortly after midnight we were told to evacuate because of a wildfire burning in the canyon to the east of us. A couple of hours later we were back home. It's so hot and dry and windy that nerves are stretched.

But life goes on. Bet this little buck wondered about all the traffic during the night. There he was this morning. And here we are as well.

smoke in the valley yesterday

morning visitor looking at Blue who is looking at him
the whole rafter back this morning, listen to her cluck


* said...

oh deer, good you escaped unscathed. and the deer too. almost like you live in a zoo.... i know these evacuations from flooddanger,... not fun....hope you get some rain soon.

M. Olson said...

I imagine this is a stressful time with the upcoming fireworks season and such hot, dry weather. I hope all goes well for you. Didn't realize the fire was so close to you until I read this.

Good luck.

Scott Abbott said...

oh deer! oh turkey. oh shit! it was stressful. but that's the risk we take living in this incredible place. things feel better this morning. the fire that made us evacuate was a small one in Loafer Canyon, extinguished fairly quickly, not like the huge one on the other side of the mountain.