Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wendell Berry's Story "At Home"

Published in the last number of Orion, Wendell Berry's story is a quiet account of age and thoughtfulness enhanced by place. Sam and I will use this thought at the end of our "Wild Rides, Wildflowers," our descriptions of rides up the Great Western Trail for four years and of the conversations that ensued.

He went back the way he had come, again taking his time, seeing everything now from its opposite side. It was as though he made the place dimensional and substantial by his walking both ways over it, granting it the same interest in going as he had in coming. To his mind it was old beyond knowing and yet new, timeless and yet momentary, so that watching it as once more it opened before him, old as he was, he was renewed.
Wendell Berry, “At Home”

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