Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wildflowers #13 + Barbed Wire

A couple of new blooms in the yard.

and . . .

Walking along the Spanish Fork River last night, cotton floating down from the cottonwood trees, we came across a barbed-wire fence with red barbs (for visibility?).

red penstemon / Penstemon eatonii ??

Palmer's penstemon / Penstemon palmeri

flax in native bunch grasses

cotton / Populus fremonti


* said...

hi mr abbott, here's a barbed wire quote for you:


A century's passing and the listening
rattle. Crows bicker in the trees
overhead. Rhymed leaves. Dew Grass.
Wing skirr. Engine. Siren. Machinic
murmur. Threads across the river.
Collective memory. Left to nettles
and to barbed wire.

there are some more in the book but can't find them just now
from richard skelton landings

Scott Abbott said...

many thanks. i'll take a look at the rest of the book. and should you make photos of barbed wire, i'd love to see them.