Thursday, May 10, 2012


A big half moon in the sky this morning. Two blackheaded grosbeaks singing liquid songs. Towhees and a lazuli bunting too. Spring flowers blazing yellow and blue and purple.

Oh how different it feels from yesterday morning.

Calico was hit by a car yesterday. We buried her under a maple with some favorite little toys.

She's everywhere this morning: In her little nest in the rabbitbrush. In her bed. Next to her food and water dishes. In the sound that mistakenly announces she's playing with her ball. On the trail we walk, lagging behind us, bounding ahead of us.

We're not sure how we'll get through the day. We won't forget her.

Early this morning I dreamed it was snowing.


* said...

poor you


Calico was your cat? You dreamt it was snowing because you read my e-mail about a possible May freeze in Seattle. sorry about Calico if that is the cat who seems on good terms with your dog on that picture. x mr

Scott Abbott said...

yes, calico and blue were good friends. and i take the snow to mean out of season. she died much too young.

Poor you, I take as "du armer" and thank you for the sentiment.