Monday, May 21, 2012


Just back from Las Vegas with two sets of photos that I'll let speak for themselves (click on photos for larger versions):

crazy 8's


michael morrow said...

hhhmmm...looks like a brigham young designed intersection

* said...

hi mr abbott. this is a pretty glamorous hospital hope your not ill.
i got a few books by that lorrie moore of which i have read one and that was good.

Scott Abbott said...

it's more a research center than hospital.

whether or not i'm ill in a brain-health kind of way has various answers, depending on who is doing the evaluation.

which lorrie moore book did you read? i'll have to take a look.

* said...

i suppose if it's the marble kind of evaluation i'd assume you haven't lost any. is what i would say, as external examiner.

read a gate at the stairs by moore of which the plot wasn't so interesting but i liked th atmosphere it created and how it was written thereafter ia accumulated birds of amaerica, anagrams and who will run the frog hospital but haven't read any of those yet