Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter Scenes

Looking North from Woodland Hills; Thursday Morning

Looking South; Woodland Hills; Friday Afternoon

Blue; Sunday Noon; Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills; Sunday Afternoon

Manti, Utah; Mormon Temple; Friday Morning


M. Olson said...

Nice pictures. Winter looks good from your vantage point!

I think the older LDS temples are really interesting architecturally. I get the sense that the more recent ones feel less creative in comparison. I enjoy seeing all the symbols on the older ones: the suns and stars and all that.

Scott Abbott said...

I agree. And, for me, another part of the charm of 19th-century Mormon temples is their rural setting. When, as is still the case in Manti, the only other buildings are farm houses and some two-story store fronts, a building like this one rises up like a colossus, witness to an intense drive to make something, to build something truly lasting.