Monday, February 13, 2012

SUN and SNOW in a Dry Winter

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* said...

amazing weather, and: amazing photos're lucky for having so much snow.

Scott Abbott said...

the snow feels doubly good because all summer long we rely on the snow melt from the mountains; and until now, there just hasn't been much snow.

blue likes snow more than even water. he makes doggy snow angels and loves to chase a frisbee, leaping up into the air before pouncing on it in the snow.

it has been a cold winter on the continent. in great britain as well?

* said...

good for the snow to come then when you need the melt in summer. you look like you got proper seasons still in your place, here it's 20 degrees & rain in the summer, 5 degrees, and rain, in the winter. these days, a couple of days under 0 and an inch or two of snow, but all gone now. so nothing compared with what you have. last two winters were more snow here, but i heard too on the continent it's colder. and in iceland they had serious problems.
blue is a very likeable dog.