Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wildrides, Wildflowers

Good news this morning from Mark Baily at Torrey House Press. He and his co-manager and editor Kirstin Allen have decided to publish Sam's and my Wildrides, Wildflowers. Here's their website: and here are some scans of the originals (drawings by Leslie Lammle).


* said...

cool :) congrats. the drawings are lovely.

when will it be ready for the world to obtain?

Scott Abbott said...

next year some time.

editing, designing, printing -- it all takes time.

how's your landscape essay going?

* said...

yes, it always takes such a lot of time...and in my case i seea ton of things i regret of not having them done differently... all the little things.

the essay, it's coming along. plan to finish it some time end of next week. but the deadline is mid september. so i'll spend the time inbetween proofreading it...