Wednesday, August 8, 2012


sky like paper

Alex gave me an early birthday present, one of eight copies of his book NINETEENSEVENTYSEVEN, handmade and with a warning: "this may not be your cup of tea."

I answered: "Your tea is my coffee. Your mystery is my metaphor." I put the book up to my cheek and brushed the rough paper. I put my eyes to the dappled, thick paper inside. I put my mind to the images and felt it warp.


* said...

what a special present this is from the heart with voices and sprouts inside and you couldn't wait to look at it and how hard it would have been to wait with looking at such a special present...
so you're a summerchild too. when is the lucky day? and what else do you want to have for your birthday?

Scott Abbott said...

alex is a wonderful artist (check him out over the internet) and a generous friend.

i looked it when he handed it to me so he could see the pleasure on my face.

august 14 is the day. an evening with Lyn and with my children is my fondest wish for the birthday.

* said...

will do. i remmeber you mentioned him a lot before. yes that is nice when people see that, giving things directly. hope then you get it all exactly the way you want with nice company & great day and so on.