Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wildflowers #8: FLAX

FLAX follows PHLOX.

Blue sky, blue flower.

Blue Flax / Linum perenne


* said...

novalis would approve.they are nice, might plant some myself next year or so.

Scott Abbott said...

the blue flower! and in the dream heinrich von ofterdingen had there was the face of a beautiful woman in the flower. and then i think of anselmus in eta hoffmann's the golden pot, who dreams of golden snakes while under the influence of elderberry blossoms. what is there about flowers that so fascinates us?

and why am i so fascinated by wild flowers as opposed to domesticated ones?

i imagine you'd plant the european cousin to the flax growing in our yard: Linum usitatissimum?

* said...

i don't know why flowers are fascnating, but they are.

maybe the natural ones are "more" natural than the domesticated one? less human interference?

i don't know what i might plant, anyting that isn't hybrid and what i can get my hands on. i've planted a huge strawberryfield (9 plants :) this year.

Scott Abbott said...

strawberry fields forever