Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wildflowers #10 + Blue the Botanizer

scrub-oak pollen

Indian paintbrush / Castilleja linariaefolia

Astragalus, not sure which species, different from the one in the earlier post / milk vetch

Blue the Botanizer


* said...

i like your gardenpictures. it;s nice to see that you have proper seasons over there. have not forgotten the handke aphorism but need to think about it some more.

Scott Abbott said...

looking forward to the exchange about aphorisms.

and yes, good seasons here, although we haven't had as much snow/rain as usual and are looking at a potentially dangerous fire season.

* said...

about the hankde i gt a new book to read and that means i need to adjust my little theory a little so that'll take some time but i won't forget., it's really interesting.

we got tons of rain here, you can all have it. rain almost everyday throughout april and may. but fire is no fun either.


Is your pooch color blind or not? All that lavender around might drive me nuts! xx michael r.