Friday, March 23, 2012


spring beauties hours before they straighten up and open their petals
 The seasons change, winter to spring, and as they do the snow melts and reveals what has been matted and pressed beneath it.

There are surprises and there is a predictable sequence of plants poking up through the duff.

My plan is to photograph flowers as they appear, creating a record of the sequence. I'm interested primarily in the flowers from our acre. At 5500 feet altitude, we're on a mostly north facing slope.

First (this is the case year after year) come the spring beauties, Claytonia lanceolata. And yesterday the first delicate little spring beauty shouldered aside the leaves.

Nous sommes embarqués.

Blue knows what the last snow is for

fall leavings

another spring beauty

Calico and Blue—What's the holdup?

last fall's seedpod

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