Friday, March 30, 2012

Wildflowers #4 + fauna

The elk herd is back!

Glacier lilly, Dogtooth violet 
Erythronium grandiflorum 

Wasatch bluebells with petals open

And here come the Death camas


* said...

cool you have elks. do they sometimes come closer than this?

Scott Abbott said...

sometimes a little closer. when bull elk are calling down just below where they are in the photo, which is from our deck, they sound very close.

blue once charged a cow elk with a calf, thinking he could chase them. the closer he got the bigger the cow elk got and finally he was willing to put on the brakes and come back when we called.

* said...

he's smart is blue.
elks are so cool. you're really lucky to have so many animals in your proximity.

Scott Abbott said...

we miss being in the city and miss all the things there (bookstores, good films, good restaurants, museums, etc.) but do like the animals and the space around us with changing light and all the plants and the dark night sky.

and space for blue!