Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mitt (Money) Romney

In the previous post I featured a photo of five of my sons.

In this post I'll put up a photo of another group of young men. George Will linked to the photo in his Washington Post column today:

Will likes this kind of capitalist display (Romney front and center) and calls what's going on here "animal spirits." I'm less enamored of these arrogant young white men who are celebrating money they have made by acquiring companies, firing employees, and selling the companies for profit. Even if the company goes bankrupt, they still get paid a fee for their efforts. A fuller account here:


michael morrow said...

so are these "people" stand up sort of people?? or are they hiding...and only look to be stand-up...


The Mormons remind me of the Quakers in several respects. Turns out that they are really good with money and salting it away. Because they can be "holier than though" you would least suspect them of having such a sensible side. In one respect, of the reputation that Quaker girls had in the 18th century, very hot, for all those prohibitions yet with marriage and kids such an important aspect of their upbringing.