Saturday, December 17, 2011


sage breakfast  (douglas fir for dessert)

frosty backs on these young ones

still bedded down


* said...

cool :) that you could get so close to them. lovely fellows. so you have deer and snow, i am jealous :)

i saw the universitypolitics thing but don't know what to say. such things, they are always a pain in the neck, no matter how you look at it...
but, you have deer :)

Scott Abbott said...

our dog, blue, likes the deer too. he doesn't chase them, just likes to watch them.

when the snow gets a few inches deeper they'll leave for the rest of the winter, but as long as there are plants to browse on here they stay.

* said...

deer are excellent, they have cute ears, and you have a well behaved dog. and lucky to have the deer in your garden. although they might be a pest to a garden... ?here is some n re stehen:

auf dem kopfe stehen --wenn wir die wahrheit auf den kopf stellen, bemerken wir gewoehnlich nicht, dass auch unser kopf nicht dort steht, wo er stehen sollte.

menschliches allzumenschliches ii, meinungne & spureche 208

Scott Abbott said...

thanks for the standing quote from Nietzsche. it's almost funny in its peculiarity.

check this post for a deer looking in our window:

and you're right: no garden possible in this context of freely roaming deer.