Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peter Handke's "The Great Fall": A Note From Oregon

From my perch on the Oregon coast, it's illuminating to watch Michael's responses to Peter's novel (see the comments in the row to the right). It's obvious, at least theoretically, that each reader brings a different set of skills and background to a text and thus reads differently. But this is more than theory.

I'd love to see a hundred different readings of this book so rich with possibilities.

And I'll get back for some more thoughts of my own sometime next week.


* said...

as i haven't read the book i can't say anything smart about it, but i can throw in some von humboldt and his beautiful weltansichten idea, weil "der sich in der Welt offenbarende Geist durch keine Menge von Ansichten erschoepfend erkannt werden kann, sondern jede (Ansicht) immer etwas Neues entdeckt..." and so it is with each reader and reading and books...


d'accord, very belatedly, on your humboldt quote, floweryville!