Friday, July 1, 2011

Palmer's Penstemons, Woodland Hills, Utah, July 1, 2011

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i have gradualled my way as far as page 20 of DER GROSSE FALL and want to say: i’ll be goddammed, the bastard from Griffen keeps getting better even at age 67! the way he describes the wind and falling asleep again and the kind of light dream then.

i have collected all the reviews of the book at:

and just want to say, although most of them are quite favorable and intelligent seeming: all of them “tell the story” - the only way that reviewers seem to be able to write about a book, wheras the story, here, is not that interesting: what is interesting are the descriptions of sensations, the subtlety, that the “actor” will no longer act because he finds no characters written whose impersonation might provide the possibility of a REVELATION - perhaps this is similar to the loss of images in Del Gredos. Something else that struck me was the feels that “er sich stellen” soll oder muss, confront, go to justice with himself or however “stellen” ought to be translated in this instance. The 2007 novel KALI, too, and in more dramatic fashion, starts with “sie sich stellen” about the former ACTRESS. A theme in other words. Handke does something along the lines of “stellen” in MORAWASCHE NACHT and in the monologue BIS DASS DER TAG: but he does it there in form of self-berating. “Mutter Soehnchen”. i doubt that that is feasible without self-understandig, and calling yourself the names that others have called you.. well, the road to a Dostojevskyean turn is always open. an advance it would not be. that much for now from sunny cool seattle on the 4th of july.