Monday, April 5, 2010


A university education ought to do many things, one of which is to foster a heightened awareness for language.

There are two universities in Utah Valley, and both of them seem to have some problem with words.

Take, for instance, the sign on the south entrance of the newly remodelled Losee Center for Student Succuss (photo taken on Monday, the 5th of April).

Hope the remodeling went better than the re-branding.

And if one might snicker and think that this is just what happens at a new university still thinking its way to success, consider the following.

At BYU, just a few miles to the east of the unsuccussessful sign, the very department whose task is to pay attention to the English language, the English Department, lists multiple faculty members on their home page with this proof that the Latin original of the English has passed into forgetfulness:

"Link to Vitae"

If you mix up nominative singular with genitive or plural you're apt to be made fun of, especially if you're professing English or Student Success.

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evidence of drunkeness i imagine, not that "loosee" is lacking for "ees", or maybe a pervert at work? the multiple lives of professors in the stare of utah spreading? into the alphabet?