Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hate to See a Headline Like This

Abbott Ordered to Turn Over E-Mails for Govt Probe

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i lived near what is called "llano estacado" on the maps, southwest texas [i actually lived at 8 k feet
in lincoln national forest, near mayhill, cloudcroft] but once you dropped down from that island in the chihuaha desert, gradually to the south, very steeply to "white sands" to the west, gradually towards the east, into the pecos valley, the stretches of land that were fenced were county sized, to the south there were one or two ranches in an area of 25 by 25 square miles or more, and it was like being in africa, with herds of gazelles... the coyotes were our friends as they came up to our heights in spring, and passed by out bedroom window, built into the hillside of wills canyon. laughing at us. i eventually lived for three years in the center of baja, and whenever i enteref mexico, south of san diego, would sleep in the big station wagon near the border.. and hear the coyotes and all kinds of sinister sounds coming from the border area, the hunt was on, and occasionally an immigrant would pass by who had successfully managed a crossing.