Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wildflowers (and fruits) #22 + Fauna

A quiet and sunny morning walk  (after severe thunderstorms yesterday).

A couple of the wildflowers are noted for the first time this year. The others are tough enough to have kept blooming over a summer of drought and high heat and deserve a reprise.

taking note of blue, who has appeared from the side of the house

rabbit brush / Chrysothamnus nauseosus (and it does stink!)

Rocky Mountain Beeplant or stinking clover / Cleome serruluta

Blue in autumn grasses chewing on (instead of retrieving) a stick




scrub oak

and yes, it's Indian Summer


* said...

more deer :)

hows the new cat doing. still problems?

you are right about the rainbow and distance, severe case of me not thinking. thought next time just to use a lens with a wider angle or fisheye

Scott Abbott said...

bela, our new cat, is doing very well. lyn got a course of medicine from the vet that helps with her auto-immune problem. that means she doesn't scratch herself all the time which means her skin is much better and she doesn't have to wear a cone.

and she and blue have become buddies.

severe case -- nice!

i've been thinking about my own photos and will post some of the thoughts one of these days.

* said...

this good news. never nice to see these fellows suffer.

looking forward to those fotographic thoughts of yours.

i got a ton of new fotos. just need to get organized with uploading....