Friday, October 28, 2011

Worse than Hives

I had just finished an article about Heinrich von Kleist's story the "Marquise von O. . ." and needed the critical editions of Schopenhauer, Wilhelm von Humboldt, and Herder for the citations. Deadline for publication this coming Monday.

My choices? Drive to the University of Utah on a Friday afternoon and fight rush-hour traffic on the way home or drive across town to BYU.

Despite the fact that I get (psychological) hives when I step onto the campus where I taught for 11 years, largely a result of memories of academic freedom violations that drew a strong censure by the AAUP investigators Sam Rushforth and I and others invited to campus, I chose what seemed the easier option and headed down University Parkway toward BYU.

Big mistake!

Traffic slowed down near the BYU stadium and I slowed down too. Behind me I could see a car accelerating instead of slowing. I did the only thing I could: honked. It didn't help a bit. The other car crashed into me, knocking me into the car in front of me so hard that it hit the car in front of it.

It was a Mercury behind me. Its entire engine compartment was destroyed -- liquids leaking everywhere. My Subaru, built higher than the Mercury, took its damage underneath and throughout the frame.

Doors that won't open. Muffler mashed up against the frame. And when I finally drove away, trouble with the drive train.

Moral of this story: stay away from BYU.


michael morrow said...

thanks for the tip bro...wish you would have called me before you made that fateful choice....I would have kindly bore my testimony about such a dark and scary dilemma......

on a kinder note.....sorry to hear the crashing news...maybe get yourself a new ride....maybe a new bike is in order...with a helmet and thick rubber bumpers.....

* said...

you're ok?

all the things one does for books....

Scott Abbott said...

yes, i'm physically okay. a little whiplash, a slight headache, both gone this morning. but that was a good old car that has taken me from alaska to california to kansas to arizona to arizona to montana and everywhere inbetween.

i don't want a new ride, Michael, but your testimony might have helped me make a better decision.

and i still don't have the books!

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