Monday, September 19, 2011


I use the word "smells" instead of the word "scents" because it feels earthier to me.

Years ago, on an airplane headed to Europe, lonely and erotically charged, I smelled the lime on my fingers and wished for the smell of something quite different.

This morning, driving down the hill from Woodland Hills to Salem and then to Spanish Fork, I thought ahead to where there had been a dead skunk on the road the day before.

I want to smell that, I thought, and rolled down my windows.

Wanted to smell a skunk?

Yes, to smell something real, something pungent.

The skunk smelled, if not delicious, strong! I took a deep whiff.

Minutes later the wonderfully malodorous smell of cow shit.

And then the sweet smell of hay, freshly cut alfalfa hay, the last cutting of the year, the aftermath.

As I pulled onto the freeway I rolled up the windows, happy.


michael morrow said...

rolled down my windows too...happy thought smell thoughts fingered and satisfied

Scott Abbott said...

glad to have company michael!