Friday, June 17, 2011

Just about Summer Equinox: Wildflowers and Dippers into Penstemons

After a Day among the Penstemons

Wild Poppies
[click for larger images; all these flowers were blooming in our yard this morning]
Palmer Penstemons

Goat's Beard

Flax, All New Blooms Every Morning!

Red Penstemons (Eaton's???)
Paintbrush (and its friend Artemesia tridentata)

A Little (fragrant!) Onion

Sego Lilly
Blue Penstemon

1 comment:

michael morrow said...

even throat strangling industrialization cannot stop nature and her life-sustaining effects on all things, including humankind...thanks for reminding me scott..

so easy to get all tangled up in humankind's illustrious progress