Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Bike Ride

This morning, my son-in-law Brandon and I rode our bikes from an elevation of 5000 feet to the microwave tower at 9000 feet. The tower overlooks the south part of Utah Valley, including the town of Woodland Hills just below. We had to scramble up a steep slope visible to the left of the one photo (the one of the mountain from our house), to the road that slants across from that left side up the canyon to the ride. The Dream Mine or Relief Mine people have the regular road gated off at the bottom, hence the need for the steep initial climb.

We rode for about 5 hours up and down, including a leisurely lunch near the helicopter landing pad next to the microwave tower.

In the one photo, I'm looking north-east over Spanish Fork Canyon to the Uintah Mountains. In the other, Brandon is trying out the landing-pad hammock that has him hanging above the whole world.

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deutschlehrer said...

Ahh, it was a perfect day for a ride, wasn't it?