Sunday, September 13, 2009

Equinoctial Thoughts

It's a little over a week till the autumnal equinox, but the sun is now rising in the notch to the south of the mountain to the east of us, having climbed, since June 21, up and over the mountain from the notch on its northern end, and with the storm blowing in today, the sky is dark and the windchimes busy.

Yesterday, cleaning up a pit I had lined with douglas fir posts left over from building our house, I decided to stand them in a line marking the summer solstice. If you look along the posts in this photo, you can locate the spot on Lake Mountain where the sun quits moving north, stands still for an instant (sol-stice), and then moves south for the winter.

Why does that matter to me? I suppose it matters for the same reason it mattered to everyone who has marked the solstice, whether through standing stones, marks inside rock formations, or whatever means. We are affected by movements of the sun. Short days mean, for me, a return to more depressive moods. I compensate for that, at best, with thoughts of backcountry skiing.

The wind will blow my posts over, balanced on their ends as they are, the seasons will progress as they always have, and I, now in my 60th year, will follow the seasons as long as I can and then follow the posts.


deutschlehrer said...

I just entered my 40th year. Celebrated with a 39-mile ride. I am curious to see how long I can keep up such rides. 80 miles on my 80th birthday would be sweet, but unlikely. Oh and I saw some great standing stones this summer. Maybe I will post about them (but not douglas fir-posts) if I find some time somewhere.

Thomas McGonigle said...

Your blog reminds me of an Estonian one I follow done by the best living Estonian writer which I paid homage to at my blog...
I am an urban person who wants concrete all about me: like Baudeliare.. though for the last few years I like the desert country in Arizona along the Mexican border... today a guy was in front of the building where we live in NYC and was talking about living there in the late 60's the suicides, the gay crucifixion: a lover's quarrel that got out of hand... now in NJ but not near the ocean sadly:::I do hope you can sahre some of the Handke play