Tuesday, June 16, 2009

barbed wire

Not much difference, we're finding out as we work on our "barbed and dangerous" article, between what we do with animals and with the human animal, although the human picture, of Bosnians in Trnopolje, is problematic, as my friend Thomas Deichmann has pointed out, because it's the ITN crew that is in the area enclosed by barbed wire, and the emaciated men have been called up to the fence for the TV footage. But that's another story.

Coyote near Lipan, Texas, Photo by Ken Kuhl


michael morrow said...

and so the beat goes on as I continuously ask myself........."so Michael what are you doing about the astute observations you courageously make about your society?"

Aaron said...

Ugh, that photo of the coyote makes me sick. That's sad.