Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beauty, Browsing, Hunting, and Writing

In the late evening yesterday Lyn called me to the deck and together we watched this guy browse the oakbrush. He had two friends with him, one a three-point and the other a two-point. They browsed for a while, then stretched and lay down to ruminate a little and then stood back up to rip off a few more leaves. They didn't seem to mind us watching; and we surely didn't mind them browsing.

But while we watched, the thought was lurking back somewhere in our brains that this weekend bowhunting starts and that these fine young bucks, should they stray out of the protective confines of our fair city, will be fair game. And perhaps we've made them easier game by habituating them to human presence.

I used to hunt with my dad before I left home, and I admire people who know the habits and haunts of deer and elk and grouse. So it has been a pleasure  watching a fine hunter prepare for this year's hunt. Integrated Studies student Steve Taylor is writing a hunting blog for his senior thesis and it's chock full of detailed information and good stories. 

As I've read Steve's successive entries, I've thought how alike hunting and writing are. They both share a need for meticulous attention to detail. They require a thorough knowledge of the thing/topic/animal in question. They involve thinking and rethinking, finding creative solutions, following leads/trails. And so on.

Take a look at Steve's writing and hunting both at:

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deutschlehrer said...

beautiful pictures. I only get quail in my back yard this time of year (had deer last winter)-oh and a garden snake that scares my wife.