Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Michael Morrow complements me on the photos he figures I'm using as "filler" during the summer.

Au contraire, Michael. As I noted previously, I'm combating a fierce case of writer's block by producing pictures.

And waging battle against "performatives"!


michael morrow said...

Fascinating.......absolutely fascinating this idea of transferring information and energy in spite of the possibility that a gremlin such as writer's block, miles of black asphalt connection portal even exist; and through a machine that is treated as if it can talk, think and feel for us. You mentioned the idea of "genius." I wonder at that term. What does it mean? How does it look? What does it do? There are six measly letters lined up conveying a supposed idea or description about an individual who may know something. I say that idea describes a person who recognizes alternatives. Just because, no, rather, because you chose to move to an alternative medium of expression displays what I consider a characteristic of genius. This idea of writer's block is a mirage academics choose to grab onto because they have certain believes that they know some sort of absolute "truth" about who, what, when, where and how. I applaud a person who sees the fork in the road and takes it, rather than believing the road more frequently traveled a sort of Main
one. Latching onto the idea of writer's block produces and
propagates the block itself, causing it to linger. Allowing oneself to move on to an apparent alternative is genius. I applaud your choice of gazing on Joe's desire to obliterate blocks from his life. He is successful in his well timed efforts........
I'm off to my new block-busting computer geek cubicle......and I take tools with me I have picked up in classrooms where you were present to be used when as I encounter and baulk at computer geek ideas that present themselves as writer's block...oh happy days.

Oh yes, I'm going home to Illinois next week for mom's 90th birthday. I was there last for her 80th birthday. I am working feverishly to make sure any writer's block I have about dancing at her party, with my eight siblings as audience, is nothing more than the pithy mirage it is. Information/energy transfer is a very interesting idea

Scott Abbott said...

Dance up a storm!

And bake!

michael said...

Performative, I really like Travis' idea of what it is, was , has been, and could be.........
A simple suggestion for an opportunity to take an intimate look at both performative and writer's block simultaneously:
1) Hold a piece of writing paper in your dominant hand out at shoulder's height and arm's length
2) Firmly grasp your favorite writing utensil in your other, ie. non-dominant hand
3) With the passion of one who truly desires to pierce writer's block just like King Arthur pieced his block, consciously, firmly and with sincere resolve, stab the writing utensil through the paper, if possible
4) Immediately place the pierced piece of paper in you favorite writing locale.
5) Possible response:Using the saber-writing utensil, Honestly write about performative, writer's block, how you feel/ felt at the very suggestion to execute such an exercise,...... write, write, and write some more about what ever comes into your space/brain
6) Obviously, if your hand stopped short of stabbing the paper, it's ok, write about that